• Brantwood Elementary School is located on a quiet street between Brandt and Troy Pikes on Schwinn Drive. The school is situated on a high elevation that includes sixteen rolling acres. The land that overlooks Dayton was once part of a farm. There are four acres in the rear of the building that are level and are suitable for outdoor play and physical education.



    The outstanding aspect of Brantwood is the wonderful students, their families, and the staff that work cooperatively to help meet the educational needs of all Brantwood students. We believe the responsibility of the school community is to assist each other in helping students become independent, creative thinkers. Endless opportunities are provided for the students to accept responsibility, acquire self-reliance and develop leadership skills. The development of self-discipline is nourished working as a team. The students are guided into learning effective use of communication and mathematical skills. Individual effort is valued in gaining fundamental knowledge that will serve as a basis for further development. 

    The staff at Brantwood plays a vital role in the opportunities available to the students and their families. Learning and social activities are planned and provided by individual teachers or teams of teachers. Evening enrichment activities in reading, math, or science are always popular family gatherings.

    Additionally, at Brantwood, there is an active Parent-Teacher organization that provides volunteer services and financial resources for special enrichment activities and additional equipment for the classrooms. There are trained volunteer reading tutors and other volunteers who work throughout the school daily.