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    Welcome to our website implementation page. Here, you will find information about the district's website management software so you can create your very own teacher page. All of the pages in this section of the web site were created using the tools and resources that are included in the Schoolwires Academic Portal. These pages and content present examples of the page types available in Schoolwires as well as some ideas on the types of information that can easily be included in your web pages.
    You should have received a login name and password in your email. If you need help getting logged in for the first time or need to create a page check with Jenny Alexander. You will not see the 'Site Manager' button on the menu bar until you sign in and navigate to your Section of the web site, which is where you have editorial privileges.  

    Signing In

    When you look at any page on the district website, you are viewing it in "read-only" mode. Once you are ready to create or edit your pages, you must launch the editing portion of the software, which is called the Site Manager. To do this, you must sign in to the district website using your district username and password. You may also want to verify and/or change your account settings by viewing your account profile.

    Open your preferred web browser.

    Enter the school district URL into the address bar:


    Click Sign In at the top right corner of the screen:


    Site Manager

    Now that you are logged in, you are ready to create or edit your webpage. Launch Site Manager by clicking the button in the top right corner of the window.



    One of the biggest changes to the Schoolwires update comes in the form of Apps, which are the content building blocks of your pages. Pages are laid out in columns in which you place one or multiple apps. Adding more than one app per page allows you to place different types of information on the same page in an organized manner. For teachers and staff that are just starting out with a Schoolwires website, a one column page layout with one app per page may be advised. Once you are more familiar with using the Schoolwires editor, changing the layout and adding additional apps to a page may be more appealing.


    You have access to introductory apps in Centricity2. These apps are…

    • Announcements App (Basic App)
    • Article Library App (Basic App)
    • Assignments App (Premium App)
    • Discussion App (Beta Basic App)Idea Board App (Beta Basic App


    You also have access to the following Page Types (one app per page) and the ability to create your own Page Types.

    • Article Library
    • Assignments Blog
    • Calendar File
    • Library Editor (Flex Page)
    • Headlines & Features Link
    • Library Maps & Directions
    • Photo Gallery
    • Podcast
    • Wikis

    In addition, if your district has access to the Sample Apps Collection, you can use these additional page types…

    • Alumni Directory
    • Book List
    • Discussion 
    • Idea Board

    You will also have access to other default Page Types, which contain multiple apps.

    • When you hover over a page in Site Manager, a hover card displays. From that hover card, you can access all the apps on the page for editing. You can also view how the page displays on the end-user website without leaving Site Manager

    • If you map a page to another web address, an indicator displays for that page on the Summary tab. In addition, the hover card and the Design button do not display for that page.

    • If you hide a page from navigation, an indicator displays for that page on the Summary tab.

    • When you add items to your library apps (e.g., add articles to an Article Library App; add files to a File Library App) they are active immediately. If the app is on an active page, the items display on the end-user website.

    • You can enable page caching for any page. This allows visitors to view your page faster by accessing a saved version of the page. You do this in Page Options.

    Schoolwires Editor

    Once you have decided how you would like your page laid out and you have added apps into the columns, you will use the Schoolwires Editor to enter in content, such as text, images, links and media. The WYSIWYG editor, pictured below, contains familiar buttons, such as that of word processing editors. Also, by hovering the cursor over any button, a text description of that button will display.


    Section Tools

    photo gal  

    Photo Galleries
    A great way to drive visitors to your webpage is to add a photo gallery. Please be mindful not to add a student's name with their picture for security reasons. View the Photo Gallery help card for more information on adding photo galleries to your section.Forms and Surveys The Forms and Surveys tool allows you to gather survey information, such as course evaluations, community, student or parent surveys, order forms, opinion polls and even online quizzes and exams. View the short Forms manual for instructions on creating forms.

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