• Why Do We Come To School Every Day?

    After a classroom discussion, we came up with the
    following mission statement for our class.

    Our Class Mission
    We come to school to listen and learn and get ready for the 2nd grade!

    Our School Mission

    Our mission is to do our BEST and be prepared for the next grade.

    To Accomplish This We Will

    *Listen and follow directions
    *Respect others
    *Take are of our school & classroom
    *Resolve conflicts peacefully
    *Work together as a team

                         Our Yearly Goals for Math, Reading, and Behavior

    Math- To score a 75% or higher on all Unit Math Tests. 1-Minute Addition Time Test: To complete 25 math facts with sums to 10 in 1-minute. The class weekly goal is for each student to score at least 1 point higher than the previous week (For example: If they score +15/25, then the next week they need a minimum of +16/25). After reaching the goal of +25/25 three times, the students will be given facts with sums to 18 to keep them challenged.

    Reading - To read at Level I or higher by the end of May, so your child will be ready for the 2nd grade! Our April reading goal is for all students to be at Level H or higher with 95% accuracy by the end of the month.

    Behavior - Each student will have his/her own individual behavior goal on their monthly behavior sheet. All students need to be on green a minimum of 75% or higher for each reward period. We are currently working towards our next PBS reward which will be a "Day at the Park" on May 17th. Please encourage your child to continue do his/her BEST at school and follow the school rules. Thank you for your continued home support. :)