•                                           Our Shining Stars in Room 7

    Congratulations to our 6 shining stars that received a "Personal Best Award" for good behavior, good work habits, and reaching or exceeding all classroom goals. I am very proud of you Sarah, Rebbecca, Tyler, Karrington, Jaedin, & Jerrod. Keep up the AWESOME job at school! :) I appreciate your positive attitudes and good classroom behavior. I will be choosing 2 new students to receive the Personal Best Award at the end of fourth quarter.
    Congratulations to our "Mathelete Champions" for completing 25 additon facts in 1-minute.WOW! You boys and girls are really F-A-S-T at your math facts. The following students have finished the mad minute math challenge: Mariah, Katrell, Dakotah, Sarah, Haleigh, Rebbecca, Garrett, Jaedin, Jerry, and Josh. We will be starting our 2-minute subtraction time test after spring break. Thank you for helping your child learn their math facts with sums to 10. If your child is struggling on the weekly addition time tests, please remind him/her to add on to the BIGGER number. For example: 2+8=___ You start with 8 and add on 2.
    You say, "8, 9, 10." Keep practicing! :)

    Congratulations to ALL the boys and girls in room 7 for making "GREAT" strides in reading. Almost everyone is reading on or above grade level. Our goal for April is to read on Level H or Higher with 95% accuracy. We have 19/22 students that met or exceeded our March Reading Goal, and 11/22 students that have met or exceeded our May Reading Goal (Level I or higher). WOW!!
    We have some AWESOME readers in our class!
     Thank you for your continued home support with the A-Z Leveled Readers and your child's Book Buddy Bag. Please continue to read DAILY! :)

    Congratulations to our "Star Readers" who have already exceeded our First Grade Reading Goal. The following students are reading independently on Level J or Higher with 95% accuracy. Way to go.....Rebbecca, Karrington, Dakotah. Garrett, Jerrod, Sophy, Katrell and Joshua. I am very proud of you! :)
    Keep up the SUPER job in reading.