• This Week's Homework: Please refer to your child's Homework/Information Sheet for additional information. Thank you! :) There will be NO homework the last week of school! :) However, please continue to read daily over the summer.

    Important Note
     We have finished our Reading Intervention and Leveled Math Groups,and will not be switching classes for reading and math the last few weeks of school. We are starting our "HABITAT TOUR" on Monday, May 7th, and will be doing our May running records the next two weeks of school. Your child may keep his/her BOOK BUDDY BAG at home, since we are done using it.
    **Please make sure your child returns all of his/her A-Z Leveled books ASAP.

    **Our May reading goal is to read on Level I or higher with 95% accuracy to be on grade level
    . The more your child reads....the better reader he/she will be!
    Keep reading every day (weekends included).

    Reading: Read 15 minutes DAILY!

    Spelling Words: There will be no "new" spelling words. We have completed the first grade word wall words. I will be introducing 5-6 new vocabulary words that go along with our basal reader (hardback reading book), but the children will only be expected to read the words in print (not spell them). We will continue to review all of our first grade word wall words, and will continue our weekly spelling tests on review words and hunks and chunks from our classroom word wall.

    Purple Spelling Folder
    - Making Words Activity. Please see the ABC note in your child's purple spelling folder for detailed directions.
    **Spelling Homework is due every Friday.

    Word Cards: Please continue to review your child's word ring, as needed.

    No New Hunks and Chunks: We have finished the Phonics Dance! Please continue to review the old "Hunks and Chunks" at home. They are a valuable tool for reading and writing words.The children that know all of their Hunks and Chunks are currently reading above expectations! :)

    Math Homework: **
    Unit 10 is End-of-Year Reviews
    No Homework!
    Tuesday - No Homework!
    Wednesday - No Homework!
    Thursday - No Homework!
    Friday - No School for Students! Teacher Work Day! 

    School Spirit Day is EVERY Friday at BG!!
     (Jean Day for everyone)  
    **Please wear red and gray to school every Friday, so our class can win the SPIRIT FLAG. We need everyone in the classroom to participate, and wear our school colors.  Thank you for your support. :) Go BG Indians!!
    WE'VE GOT S-P-I-R-I-T.....YES, WE DO!!
    Thanks for helping our class win the spirit flag!