• Partnerships & Volunteers

    The Mad River School District welcomes parents and community members into the district as volunteers. The district believes it is important to include the community in its mission to build foundations for the futures of our students.

    Opportunities and Contacts

    Not sure where to start? If you are interested in participating in a specific program, call the contact person directly. If you are interested in volunteering in a particular grade level, building, or classroom, contact the building principal. If you are unsure or have additional questions, contact the Public Relations Department at 937-259-6609. 

    School/Business Partnerships

    Businesses located within the Mad River School District make significant contributions to the educational process by establishing partnerships with local schools. A business partnership is a valuable relationship that most importantly benefits students. Schools benefit from partnerships by receiving untapped resources, which enhance curricular programs, while businesses benefit by having direct input into the educational experience, their future workforce, and the satisfaction of active community involvement.

    As budget constraints continue to impact public education, the importance of partnerships in the educational process is critical. School/business partnerships are free to be as creative and dynamic as the business partner and schools deem appropriate. Regardless of how sophisticated or simple a partnership is, our students benefit from each and every partnership established.

    This past year, the Mad River School District partnered with area Dayton businesses such as Sonic, Texas Roadhouse, Allied Fencing Company…

    If you are interested in a school/business partnership with the Mad River School District, please contact Jennifer Alexander at @937-259-6609.