The History     

         The 1957-58 school year marked the beginning of wrestling at Stebbins High School, then known as Mad River High School.  Mad River's first principal was Orville Edmundson, who was from Bridgeport High School.  Bridgeport was the Ohio High School Wrestling State Champions in 1956-57.  After discovering that there were no high school wrestling teams in Southwest Ohio, Mr. Edmundson was determined to introduce the sport of wrestling to this area.  He surveyed the teaching staff and found a football coach, Chuck Robson, who had participated in wrestling at Ohio State University and "Volunteered" him to be the first wrestling coach.  During the first year of the program, the closest competition was in Columbus, Ohio and Richmond, Indiana.  Seven students lettered in wrestling for Mad River High School the first year.  
         During the second year of the program (1958-59), Mad River High School became Walter E. Stebbins High School in honor of a former Superintendent of the Mad River School District.  A former Big Ten Champion, Robert DeFelice, was recruited as Head Wrestling Coach.  Fairmont, Beavercreek, and Fairborn High Schools founded their own wrestling teams, which offered opportunities for local competition.  District championships, however, were still held in Columbus.  Stebbins placed 5th at the Districts and sent 4 wrestlers to the State Tournament.  Carl Miller, Cliff North, Clair Baumgard, and Bill Gay represented Stebbins very well that year. Bill Gay became Stebbins High School's first State placer, finishing 4th.
         The 1960-61 season saw another great year for the Indians.  Stebbins Qualified 5 wrestlers to the State Tournament.
         By far the best year for wrestling at Stebbins came during the 1961-62 season.  On their way to their first District Championship, the Indians Qualified 6 wrestlers to the State Tournament, including Bill Fonds (2nd) and Paul Stevenson (3rd).  As a team, Stebbins finished a very respectable 5th place in the State.
         The 1962-63 season brought a new coach to the helm, Bob Brown.  This, however, did not mean Stebbins would not keep the winning tradition going.  Again the Indians took the District crown and placed 7th in the State.  Qualifiers included Bill Fonds (2nd), Grady Newbourn (3rd), and Bill Caslin.
         1963-64 ended with another District Championship and a 10th place finish at the State Tournament.  Qualifiers included Grady Newbourn (2nd), Greg Mondini, Bill Caslin, and Bob Wiener.
         In 1964-65, Coach Ron Taylor was brought on board, and didn't leave for 14 years.  From 1964-1968 Stebbins Qualified 6 wrestlers to the State Tournament.  They include Greg Mondini (64-65 & 65-66), Bill Stine (64-65 & 65-66), Larry Hamilton (66-67), and John Dominquez (67-68).  
         The Indians captured another District Championship during the 1968-69 wrestling season, sending John Dominquez, Ray Fultz, Fred Deblin, and Gary Dunkle to the State Tournament.
    From 1969-1978 Stebbins qualified 11 wrestlers to the State Tournament.  These wrestlers include Keith Buckholz (69-70), Pete Slivinski (69-70), John Mondini (69-70 & 70-71 placing 6th), Dan Miller (69-70), Mike Sanders (70-71 placing 3rd & 71-72 placing 4th), Andy Williams (70-71 placing 6th), Tim Bowen (74-75), Gary Gates (75-76 placing 2nd & 76-77), and Lowell Keaton (76-77).
         From 1978 to 1980-81 the Indians went through many coaching changes.  Bill Sellers, Jim Fender, and Coach Parsons all took the helm for the Indians. During Coach Parsons time at the helm, he qualified Tim Begley, who placed 4th in 1980-81.
         Bob Borgerding took the reins during the 1981-82 season.  Coach Borgerding kept those reins for 13 years and Qualified 6 wrestlers to the State Tournament.  They include Tim Begley (81-82), Brent White (83-84 & 84-85), Mike Carl (83-84), Andy Abney (84-85), and Al Schmalinski (89-90).
         In 1994-95, a legend of the wrestling community in the Dayton area, Ken Simmons, took over the helm at Stebbins.  Coach Simmons coached the Indians for 2 years.
         Coach Steve Amlin took over during the 1996-97 wrestling season and had 1 State Qualifier, in Gene Smith (96-97).
         During the 1997-98 season, Coach Chris Miller was hired and is the present coach.  Scott Neria Qualified for the Sate Tournament in 2005.




    Chuck Robson 1 year:  (‘57-’58)

    Robert DeFelice 3 years:  (‘58-’58, ‘59-’60, & ‘60-’61)

    Bob Brown 2 years:  (‘62-’63 & ‘63-’64)

    Ron Taylor 14 years:  (‘64-’65, ‘65-’66, ‘66-’67, ‘67-’68, ‘68-’69, ‘69-’70, ‘70-’71,‘71-’72, ‘72-’73, ‘73-’74, ‘74-’75, ‘75-’76, ‘76-’77, & ‘77-’78)

    Bill Sellers 1 year:   (‘78-’79)

    Jim Fender 1 year:   (‘79-’80)

    Parsons 1 year:   (‘80-’81)

    Bob Borgerding 13 years:  (‘81-’82, ‘82-’83, ‘83-’84, ‘84-’85, ‘85-’86, ‘86-’87, ‘87-’88,‘88-’89, ‘89-’90, ‘90-’91, ‘91-’92, ‘92-’93,  & ‘93-’94)

    Ken Simmons 2 years:  (‘94-’95 & ‘95-’96)

    Steve Amlin 1 year:  (‘96-’97)

    Chris Miller 15 years:  (‘97-’98 to present)