• What is Title 1?

    Title I is a federally funded program for schools to assist economically disadvantaged children. Since a high incidence of poverty in a school has a direct correlation with low academic student achievement, Title I funds are used to provide instruction to raise the achievement of students who are failing, or are at-risk of failing to meet the challenging state standards. Title I funded personnel are personnel who directly contribute to the education of children.

    What is the purpose of the Title I Program?

    The purpose of Title I is to support school efforts to ensure that all children meet challenging academic standards and have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education. This purpose can be accomplished by providing additional resources for high poverty schools to enhance educational opportunities for disadvantaged students.

    How do schools qualify to receive Title I funds?

    Schools qualify based on demonstrating that the K-12, ages 5-17, membership has a sufficiently high percentage of economically disadvantaged students. Title I regulations require school districts to provide services to all schools where at least 75% of students qualify for free or reduced price meals.

    How are schools allocated Title I funds?

    Once a school qualifies, funds are then allocated in the spring based on a formula developed at the district office that projects the number of qualifying children at the school for the following year. Occasionally, a further adjustment is made after the first month of school the year funds are allocated, to ensure that schools receive funds commensurate with the number of qualifying children actually enrolled.

    Title I programs offer:

    ·         Smaller classes or special instructional spaces

    ·         Additional teachers and aides

    ·         Opportunities for professional development for school staff

    ·         Extra time for teaching Title I students the skills they need

    ·         A variety of supplementary teaching methods

    ·         An individualized program for students

    ·         Additional teaching materials which supplement their regular instruction

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