• Hello!  Welcome to my page.  I love working at Spinning Hills and hope that you have a great experience here.  I want to introduce myself and invite you to contact me with with any concerns or needs. 

     I grew up in the area and graduated from Bellbrook High School.   My career path became apparent as early as high school.  I have always been drawn to working with kids.  As a teen, I held jobs as a lifeguard and as a daycare teacher.  I was in charge of the school age program and planned many activities to keep the kids busy during the summer months.  In addition, I taught private music lessons.
    After graduating high school, I studied Elementary Education (natural sciences) with a music minor at Wright State University.  After graduation, I taught in the Springfield City School district.  I value my experiences there, as a teacher, cheerleading advisor, and student council coordinator.  My favorite subjects are math and science.    While teaching, I obtained my Master's degree in School Counseling from Wright State University in 1999.  I have worked for the Mad River Local district ever since!
    I have 17 years of counseling experience with the Mad River District, both at the elementary level and at the middle school levels. Some of my duties include scheduling, testing coordinator, and helping teachers, students, and parents with interventions to help overcome weaknesses in a particular skill.  In addition, I hold small group counseling, individual counseling, and peer mediation sessions during the school day.  Middle school can be a challenging time, and I strive to help students and parents with transitions and difficulties that come with this age group.  I strive to make every student become the best he or she can be, both personally and academically.  On a personal level, I have been married for 19 years and have two children of my own.  I love music, reading, traveling, and the outdoors.