Mrs. Cenci

    My name is Rachel Cenci and I graduated from the University of Dayton in 2012 receiving a Bachelor's of Music in Music Education with an emphasis in flute studies. While at UD, I participated in the Pride of Dayton Marching Band, Flute ensembles, Gamelan ensemble, the Ebony Heritage Singers, and Symphonic Wind Ensemble. I completed my student teaching at Orchard Park Elementary in Kettering, teaching K-6 General Music. I additionally taught at Ferguson Middle School in Beavercreek, teaching the 5-8 Concert and Jazz Bands.

     In September 2012 I began teaching at Saville Elementary and have loved working with all of the staff, parents, and students in our district! It is truly my passion to teach our students all the great things music can provide for us.

     To help you get to know me a little more, here are a few facts about me!


    Favorite Color: Blue 
    Hobbies: Candle Making

    Video GamingController

    Favorite Movie:
    The Nightmare Before Christmas 

    Favorite Food Type: Japanese 

    Pets: I have an Beagle/Labrador named Misha 

    and two cats named Mocha and Sprite.

    Favorite Type of Music: I don't have a "favorite". 

    I genuinely listen to a different type of music based

    on how I'm feeling.