• District OIP History and Documents
    The Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) is a requirement of the Ohio Department of Education and seeks to align district improvement strategies with state and federal grant funding. The district's OIP plan focuses on increasing student achievement in the areas of reading and mathematics, while improving the environment and conditions of our schools.  Strategies within the plan outline an emphasis on a rigorous curriculum, support effective instructional strategies, and call for the refinement of district intervention program


    Mad River Local Schools OIP Goals:

    Goal 1- Instruction

    Mad River Local Schools will use grade-level, high-quality curriculum and data-driven supports to ensure that 100% of students will achieve benchmark goals on district and state assessments at the end of the 2024 school year.

    Goal 2- Climate and Culture

    By May of 2024, Mad River Local Schools will create a positive, caring, and safe learning environment where students feel supported both emotionally and academically as measured by multiple data points.

    Goal 3- Career Readiness

    100% of MRLS Students PK-12 will participate in STEM-based/Career Readiness programming at each grade level band in order to develop awareness of post-secondary opportunities with a specific focus on the 3 E's – Employment, Enlistment, Enrollment.