• Team Achievers
    Team Achievers pose for a picture.  

    Team Achievers Teachers

    Language Arts
    - Ashley White (ashley.white@madriverschools.org)
    - Suzanne Wittmer (suzanne.wittmer@madriverschools.org)
    - Krista Wright (krista.wright@madriverschools.org)
    Social Studies
    - Heidi Clements (heidi.clements@madriverschools.org)
    - Jason Peitz (jason.peitz@madriverschools.org)
    Intervention Specialists
    - Nicole Ditmer (nicole.ditmer@madriverschools.org)
    - Amy White (amy.white@madriverschools.org) 

    Team Expectations

    Our goal is to give our kids the skills they need to be happy, healthy, productive members of our society. In order to do that, we hold our students to a few non-negotiable expectations:

    1. Students must be PROMPT. We expect our students to be on time to school and each class. If a student is having trouble arriving to a certain class on time (locker issues, etc) they need to see a teacher to discuss problem-solving options.
    2. Students must be PREPARED. We expect our students to have all the necessary supplies, handouts, and homework for class everyday. Students should not need to go to their locker during class. We believe that learning to be organized is an important part of the middle school experience. 
    3. Students must be POLITE. We expect our students to treat students, staff, and the school with respect. Talking during instruction, being rude to classmates or staff, or damaging the property of others will not be tolerated.
    4. Students must be PRODUCTIVE. We expect our students to participate in all classroom activities.
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