• Book Buddy Bag FAQ:
    Book buddy info
    Some answers to your questions:
    Does my child have to read from the book buddy every night?
    These are the books that we are learning from each day in reading groups. They only need to read them 1 time per night. To make things fun, shake it up with your child and have them read outside or to a pet or with a voice like a Dad or Mom!! or like they are under water!
    What do I do with the Trick word ring? 
    Practice with your child.
    Say a word and they have to spell it or they read them to you or you tell them a word and they have to find it in the spelling card ring. 

    My child forgot their Book Buddy bag at school. What should I do? 
    Don't panic :)
    Have a conversation with your child about their responsibility to bring the bag home every night (except Friday.)
    Then have them read a book from home and
    have them write the title on the reading log on their weekly Homework Information sheet.
    If you want to send me a note or e-mail with this information, you can always do that as well!