• Our School Mission:

    "My mission is to make my brain stronger and build character to be successful in life.
    To accomplish this, I will be a PAX leader by:
    -Being Respectful
      -Being Responsible
    -Being a Problem-Solver"
     Our Goals for the year:
    Math Goal Math - To score a 80% or higher on all unit math tests.

    Reading Goal Reading - To read at Level I or higher {independently} by the end of First Grade. 

                    October goal is Level D or higher {instructional level} -- C {independently} 

                    January goal is Level F or higher {instructional level} -- E {independently} 

                    March goal is Level H or higher {instructional level} -- G {independently} 

                          May goal is Level J or higher {instructional level} -- I {independently} 

    Behavior Goal   Behavior - I am expecting my students to be on green 80% of
    the days. 
    Attendance-  It is very important for your child to be at school everyday
    unless they are sick. Our school goal is for your child to be at school 95% of the school
    year. If your child is absent please send in a note.