• Frequently Asked Questions about First Grade: 


    Bag-a-Book FAQ:


    Does my child have to read from the bag-a-book every night?

    These are the books that we are learning from each day in reading groups. They only need to read them 1 time per night. Also, use the
     laminated sheet enclosed in the bag for questioning and activity ideas.


    Will my child be bringing the bag-a-book home every night?


    Since first grade has reading groups Monday-Thursday, the bags will only come home Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. After groups on Thursday, the bags are collected to reorganize and get ready for the following week.

    Should my child bring the bag-a-book back to school every day?


    We use these books for instruction during their reading group time each day. Failure to return the book results in moving their name down on the PBIS behavior chart.


     Reading Packet Homework FAQ:

    When does my child receive the reading packet homework?

     Your child will receive the homework on the first day of each week.


    Will my child receive the reading packet homework each week?

     It depends on the week.

    If the week is 3 days or less, there will be no reading packet homework. 


    When is the reading packet homework due?

     It is due the last day of the week that it is assigned.


    Math Homework FAQ:

    When does my child receive math homework?

     Your child will receive math homework every day except Friday. No homework will be sent home on review or test days.


    When is math homework due?

     It is due the next day after it assigned. For instance, homework brought home on Monday is due Tuesday.