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    pax photo1 What is PAX?

    By now you may have heard your child talking about things like PAX, 0 Spleems, Wacky Prizes, and the PAX Game.  All classrooms at Saville Elementary are using a behavior program called PAX (Latin for Peace).  Teachers have been using the program in some form since the first day of school.  They may be using things like a harmonica to gain attention, sticks to randomly call on students, a timer to help speed up transitions, and wacky prizes as an incentive for improved behavior. 

    The PAX Good Behavior Game

    pax behavior Teachers are now fully implementing the next phase of the program which is playing the actual “PAX Game.”  The PAX Game is a simple effective tool used during normal instruction time.  No extra time is needed to play.  First, students help define what the expectations are for the lesson or activity.  Students are then placed on a team and work together to keep a PAX (peaceful) class during the lesson.  The teacher sets a timer and watches the teams during the lesson.  He/She will mark down any fouls or “spleems” (things that get in the way of learning or having a peaceful classroom) for the team.  When the timer goes off any teams with three or fewer fouls or “spleems” wins the game.  All teams can win.  Winning teams get to do quick, fun, and active prize for a few seconds.  They might earn a 10 second giggle fest, dance for 30 seconds, or get to toss paper airplanes.  The PAX Game helps students learn how to set goals, work together to accomplish these goals, and develop leadership skills.  The PAX Program also helps students learn how to regulate their own behavior during both learning and fun.  All of this helps reduce inattention and disruptions, which, in turn, enhances learning.

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