• Walter E. Stebbins High School Chapter of the National Honor Society:

    Selection Guidelines

    If a student meets the following requirements, then he/she will be considered for NHS:

    1. Student has a 3.50 unweighted or weighted GPA.
    2. Student has acceptable services totaling a minimum of 20 hours beginning no earlier than the summer prior to freshman year.
    3. Student demonstrates acceptable leadership.
    4. Student’s character will be evaluated by 2 faculty members of their choice and will be reviewed by the faculty council.
    5. Student’s attendance and discipline will also be evaluated by the faculty council.


    Service: Students with a minimum of 20 hours of service will be considered for NHS.

    Things that do not count for service:

    • Fundraising for anything (unless it is for a charity)
    • Anything you are compensated for (babysitting, job, …)
      • Compensation could be monetary, bonus points/ credit for class, or expected/mandatory participation for a club. Being provided food during the activity would not be considered compensation.
    • Being a teacher aide

    Some examples of acceptable types of service:

    • Stebbins projects
    • Church activities (feeding homeless, volunteering in church nursery, teaching Sunday school class, mission trips, Vacation Bible School)
    • Community Projects (working at food pantry, St. Vincent DePaul, recitals/Christmas parties at nursing homes, SICSA, Rosewood Art Center, Special Olympics, Aim for the Handicap, Metro Parks, volunteering at Kettering Hospital or MVH, ...)
    • Scouting projects
    • Tutoring (we must be able to verify with an adult)
    • Organizing/working at/fundraising for a charity walk (Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Jingle Bell Run, Arthritis, Women’s Walk for Wellness, …)
    • Running or walking in a charity event does not count for community service
    • Volunteer Coaching


    Leadership: Students must demonstrate they have been active leaders in any type of activity.

    Some examples of acceptable types of leadership:

    • Officer of a club
    • Team captaincy
    • Other leadership positions on a sports team
    • Boy Scout/Girl Scout Leadership Academy
    • Section Leader in Band
    • Chamber Group Leader in Orchestra
    • Color Guard squad leader
    • Church worship leader/youth group leader
    • Camp counselor
    • Volunteer coach
    • Vacation Bible School/Sunday school teacher
    • Founder/Co-Founder/Organizer of…
    • Coaches/Directors Awards
    • Leading portions of events for Metro Parks
    • Shift manager/trainer at work
    • Organizer of an event/club


    Character: All teachers at Stebbins will have the opportunity to comment on your character and leadership in the classroom. Discipline notices/office referrals may also be used to determine your character.

    Some types of teacher comments could keep you out of NHS:

    • Cheating
    • Negative attitude
    • Negative role model
    • Copying or letting others copy your homework
    • Cell phone use during class (if against teacher’s policy)
    • Tardies to class/school
    • Dealing poorly with adversity
    • Disrespectful behavior
    • Condescension towards classmates
    • Inappropriate use of social media (FB, twitter, snapchat, Instagram, …)

    ***If you feel a character issues may arise in the evaluation process, you may write an explanation reflecting what you have learned from the incident. If you are forthcoming with the information, the infraction may be overlooked.



    If you have further questions please email:

    sarah.miller@madriverschools.org    OR     rosalyn.brubaker@madriverschools.org