• Dear student,


    Many of you are likely working on your college applications now. But remember that in addition to getting admitted to college, you also need to pay for college.


    So I also wanted to highlight what you need to do to apply for financial aid and scholarship money:

    1. 1. Fill out your FAFSA form: The FAFSA form is the federal government financial aid form. To receive need-based grants or scholarships (from the government or your college!), you’ll need to fill it out. And just by filling out the FAFSA, the average student gets about $15,000 in financial aid (grants, work-study, and lower-interest loans).

    (Stressed out by the government form? You can instead complete it on Going Merry using their FAFSA® Made Easier form. Just sign up here.)

    1. Check with your colleges on any additional forms: Some colleges (especially private ones) also require a form called the “CSS Profile,” while other colleges have their own financial aid forms, in addition to the FAFSA. Make sure you find out what the deadline is to fill out those extra forms. 

    2. Check for state grants/aid eligibility: State governments also offer a range of state grants, particularly for students studying in-state at a public university or college. Check for these too!

    3. Apply for external scholarships: These are scholarships funded by companies or non-profits, and there are a lot of deadlines in November-February, so make sure you’re looking for them now. To find and apply for scholarships, I recommend you sign up for Going Merry.


    Example Upcoming Scholarships I wanted to highlight


    Here are examples of some great scholarships your students might be interested in: 

    • Teen Changemakers Essay Contest: 3 awards for $250-$1000 each, Due Dec 1 - Teen essay contest on the subject “How can students’ mental health be supported virtually?”

    • Dell Scholars Program: 500 awards for $20k each; Due Dec 1 - For low-income students who’ve participated in a college readiness program in grades 11 & 12, and who will be attending a four-year college next year

    • GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program: Various awards of up to $10k per year ($40k total), Due Jan 7 - For HS seniors with GPA 3.0+ who’ve shown leadership and drive in their communities

    • Taco Bell Live Más Scholarship: 100 awards of $25k each, Due Jan 12 - For “young innovators, creators and dreamers” age 16-26, who can show in a 2-minute video what their passion is, as well as how higher ed will help them pursue that passion and make a positive impact on their community.

    • Equitable Excellence Scholarship: Various awards of $2,500-$25k, Due Jan 29 - A scholarship for seniors with “drive, determination, and strong scholarship.”