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Welcome to Stebbins Career Tech!

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    Career and Technical Education (CTE) prepares Stebbins students for a wide range of careers, from nurses to computer technicians, and hundreds of careers in between!

    CTE prepares students for post-secondary training, successful careers, and enriched lives, by ensuring that all students acquire the essential knowledge, skills and dispositions in each CTE course.

    Through competency-based instruction, hands-on experiences, and work-based learning opportunities, Career and Technical Education (CTE) provides students with the structured training and the necessary tools to be successful in a career after high school and/or further his or her postsecondary education, whether at a technical school, or a two- or four-year college. Each student is encouraged to explore various areas of study and to develop the competencies that are necessary to enter today’s competitive job market with confidence.  To learn more about Stebbins Career Tech Programs, please watch our videos under our Career Pathways tab.

Career Tech at Stebbins

  • Image result for stebbins career technologySince the 1960’s, Stebbins has been providing our students with Career Technical education.  While students in other parts of the Miami Valley have to be bussed to their Career Tech Center, our students stay in-house and are provided with rigorous academic and technical programs of study in career pathways.  These programs prepare students for a full range of postsecondary opportunities (two and four year colleges), entry level employment, apprenticeships, and the military.

    Stebbins Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are designed to help students get ready for a future career. Whether the career requires a university or college degree or other post-secondary education, students are prepared for that career in a hands-on educational environment that simulates the world of work. CTE teachers are required to have industry experience in order to qualify for certification. This means that students are learning from professionals who have worked outside of education and can bring that sense of the “real world” into the classroom.

    Our non-traditional classroom settings give our students the opportunity to gain experiences that are relevant to their career field.  To emphasize this, Career Technical students annually participate in Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) that give them real-life workforce experiences and preparing them for post-secondary outcomes. Students who participate in CTSO’s also compete against students from around the state in competitions tied directly their career tech program and career field.  Students who perform well at the state level can also advance to national level competitions and compete against students from all over the country.

    From college credits in high school to learning workplace skills and leadership opportunities, students in CTE programs are gaining skills for success in their future.

    Our national and state award winning Career Technology programs, prepare all of our students for 21st century college and career readiness. Our programs are located centrally in our state-of-the-art high school (why leave your home school when we have it all right here?) and serves students in grades 9 through 12. There are 11 programs of study at SHS, including STEM courses. State-of-the-art technology used in business and industry is taught in all program areas. Students at Stebbins have received regional, state, and national recognition for skill and leadership performance. Together, students, parents, and teachers set high expectations for students to achieve academically, technically, and socially.

    Related imageIn addition to STEM based learning, our career technical programs give students the chance to participate in all of the traditional academic and extracurricular opportunities offered at typical high schools.  Our state and national award-winning programs offer college credits, industry certifications, and a three thousand dollar scholarship to Sinclair Community College once the student completes a given program.

    Student Involvement Opportunities
    Skills USA, and Business Professionals of America

    The Stebbins Career Technology Program has a unique partnership between with Sinclair Community College to lead students to a college degree or certification and high wage employment. The partnership also gives students the opportunity to earn free college credit while in high school and a $3000 scholarship upon meeting all graduation requirements.

    Our Goal is to help students take the first steps toward a college/and or career. High school students have the opportunity to get a jump start on their career by preparing for a college technical degree program. They can earn BOTH high school AND community college credit (this is called DUAL CREDIT) for completing select high school courses.

    Image result for stebbins career technologyPathway to College

    The Class of 2018 earned over 300 thousand dollars in scholarships to Sinclair Community College!

    Career & Technical Programs

    • Accounting & Finance
    • Allied Health and Nursing
    • Business Management
    • Construction Technologies
    • Visual Design & Imaging Technologies
    • Engineering Tech
    • Information Technologies (IT)
    • Exercise Science
    • Manufacturing
    • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
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Alumni Spotlight

  • Career Tech Alumni Spotlight: Christopher Flanery, Stebbins

    Name: Christopher Flanery

    Education: 2008 Stebbins High School graduate and Career Tech Program: Visual Design & Imaging graduate

    High School Activities: Visual Design and Imaging Career Tech program, soccer, yearbook, and LinkCrew

    Education & Current Employer: Flanery graduated magna cum laude with his bachelor of fine arts in motion picture production from Wright State University in June 2012. He is currently employed as a videographer and editor for PBS in Lincoln, Nebraska. Previously to his employment at PBS, Flanery was a videographer and editor for LexisNexis in Dayton, a videographer and editor for WonderGrove Kids in Los Angeles, California, and a freelance camera operator (shooting for ESPN, the Dayton Dragons, AMA Pro Racing, and Ohio Sports Television to name a few).

    His Story: Flanery said he believes his experience in the Visual Design & Imaging Career Tech program laid a solid foundation for his career path. “Having an opportunity in high school to shoot and edit video and photos, build webpages and do graphic design in industry standard programs and then move on to the workforce and see those programs in action was unbelievable,” he said. “It has been a huge relief and confidence booster to be able to say— hey I know that!”


    Flanery said now that he is actually working in the industry he can definitely say his experience at Stebbins and in Visual Design & Imaging was invaluable.

    “To get that sort of industry exposure and experience as a 16-17-year-old kid, that’s life-changing,” he said.

    Flanery goes on to say that while the actual experience of taking a career technical program in high school was huge, he thinks having his instructor, Steve Amlin and being able to use him as a resource was even bigger.

    “I honestly don’t think that I would be where I am today (my dream job) without my Visual Design & Imaging Career Tech program and Mr. Amlin’s guidance,” he said.

    From time to time, Flanery said he thinks back on how he really got started and it always comes back to taking Visual Design & Imaging at Stebbins as the foundation for his future. He said he feels that his Career Tech classes allowed him to leave high school with a lead over other college students who weren’t in a Visual Design & Imaging program.

    “It all comes back to getting real-world hands-on experience at a young age with the tools, equipment and software the industry is currently using,” Flanery said.

    Future Aspirations: Flanery works for Nebraska PBS, but he is technically a University of Nebraska employee. As a result, he will able to get his master’s degree in education for free. At some point, further on down the road, he said he would love to do what Amlin does and teach a high school career technical program. Flanery said he would also like to win a regional Emmy, and he plans on buying a drone to pursue drone videography.