• Walter E. Stebbins High School is a four-year, comprehensive experience that offers College Prep, Honors,  Duel Credit, and Advanced Placement courses as well as 11 award winning Career Technology programs, which include seven Tech Prep units. Stebbins’ Tech Prep graduates receive full tuition vouchers to continue their studies at Sinclair College.  A large selection of courses and scheduling provide maximum opportunities for each of the school’s 1100 students to fulfill credit requirements while exploring unique academic and career interests. Nearly 85% of Stebbins graduates pursue higher education, many with prestigious scholarships. Seniors often receive appointments to U.S. Military Academies or are awarded full ROTC scholarships.
    Among our high school’s stellar features are an award-winning Air Force Junior ROTC program, an outstanding music performance program, and first-rate student senate leadership. Stebbins High School maintains a long history of North Central accreditation and upholds one of the strictest academic standards in the athletic league in which it competes.
    Many student athletes have gone on to compete in college and professional sports. Two Olympic medalists are Stebbins alumni. Since Stebbins High School opened in 1957, interscholastic athletics have been an integral part of the school and school district.