• Bullying Prevention

    We are very excited to implement a new district wide bully prevention plan this year in the Mad River School District. Over the summer, our administration and faculty have worked to develop a school-wide bully prevention plan to assist in changing our school culture and ultimately reduce bullying behaviors. Mad River’s bully prevention plan is modeled through the blending of school-wide positive behavior support. The district has already been highly successful in using this behavior model in our schools. The new system will teach students a 3-step response to bullying (stop, walk, talk) to try to defuse the situation themselves and to go to an adult when they are unsuccessful. The district will also be organizing assemblies for students and hopefully a parent forum on this topic.

    The Mad River School District is committed to creating a safe, caring, respectful learning environment for all students and strictly enforces a prohibition against bullying.

    What is Bullying?

    • Any intentional written, verbal, electronic, or physical act that a student or group of students exhibits toward another particular student(s) more than once and the behavior both causes mental or physical harm to the other student(s)and is sufficiently severe, persistent, or pervasive that it creates an intimidating, threatening, or abusive educational environment for the other student(s); or violence within a dating relationship.

    How can parents get involved?

    • Through parent organization meetings, other school events, and mailings we hope to inform you about the many problems associated with bullying.
    • We will discuss with you ways of identifying whether your children may be involved as bullies, or as victims of bullying, and we will suggest strategies and resources for you.

    Warning signs of being bullied:

    • Comes home from school with torn or dirty clothing
    • Damaged books
    • Has cuts, bruises, scratches
    • Has few, if any, friends to play with
    • Seems afraid to go to school
    • Complains of headaches, stomach pains
    • Doesn’t sleep well, has bad dreams
    • Loses interest in school work
    • Seems sad, depressed or moody
    • Is anxious, has poor self-esteem
    • Is quiet, sensitive, passive
    • If your child shows several of these warning signs, it’s possible he or she is being bullied by other children. You may want to talk with your child to find out what is troubling him or her and schedule a conference to discuss your concerns with school staff.

    Warning signs of bullying others:

    • Teases, threatens, kicks other children
    • Is hot-tempered, impulsive, has a hard time following rules
    • Is aggressive toward adults
    • Is tough, shows no sympathy toward children who are bullied
    • Has been involved in other antisocial activities such as vandalism or stealing
    • If your child shows several of these warning signs, it’s possible that he or she is bullying one or more children. You may want to spend some extra time talking with your child about his or her behavior and schedule a conference to talk about these issues with school staff.


  • Bully
    Online Reporting Form

    The Mad River School District has an online reporting form that parents and students can complete if they experience bullying or know about someone who is being bullied. Click on the No Bully Zone sign to fill out a form.