• Teachers may find the following resources to be useful in class meetings or other class activities.

    PBS Kids It’s My Life Videos

    Use these short video clips for class meetings. The clips are of kids talking about these different topics and giving advice for how to deal with them.

    Bullies Rumors Fighting with Friends

    Transition from Middle School to High School Anger

    Seattle Cyberbullying Curriculum

    This is a great free resource available online. The Seattle Public Schools developed a 9 lesson curriculum that integrates cyberbullying lessons with writing lessons. It provides a teacher manual, handouts, parent letters, and activities to do with students. It is intended for students in grades 6-9.

    Net Smartz

    Another fantastic free resource available online. Website has lots of information for kids, teens, parents, and teachers. There are separate websites for children and teens. Has many downloadable activity sheets and videos to help teach kids and teens about internet safety.

    The Bully Book

    A free computer based book that includes a quiz for kids and adults. Download the book and view it on your computer, or print out the pages and send it home with your students.

    American Girl — Chrissa

    Teacher Guide Activity Sheets

    Activity sheets and a teacher’s guide from American Girl. Chrissa, an American Girl doll and character in the American Girl book series, learns about bullies and how to stand up for herself. The teacher guide and activity sheets can be used with the Chrissa books and video or adapt some of the activities for use alone.

    Cyber Bullying

    Crossword Puzzle Cyber Bullying Scenarios

    Check out these resources from the Cyber Bullying Research Center. Have your students complete the crossword puzzle alone, in groups or do it as a class. Read through the scenarios and discuss them during a class meeting.

    Don’t forget to check out the Useful Websites link in addition to these resources.