• For over 50 years, Stebbins High School has enjoyed an enviable reputation — for high academic standards and an enlightened vision that fosters the pursuit of excellence. This reputation has been confirmed over the years by its graduates' outstanding and remarkable achievements.

    Each year, since 1999, we have honored the outstanding accomplishments of former students who are noted in their field of endeavor or recognized for their expertise and good work by their peers and others. There are over 70 people who call themselves Walter E. Stebbins Outstanding Alumni. They live in many states and in many countries around the world. They're doing noble things…teaching our children, conducting research, healing people, defending the innocent, designing products, performing on stage, having families, volunteering in their communities, and even traveling. 

    If you are interested in nominating a Stebbins graduate as an Outstanding Alumnus, please go to:


    Here are a few of our Outstanding Alumni:

    • Dr. Sherman Alter, Children’s Medical Center
    • JoJo Lynn Barry-Butler, Commissioner, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio/Former State Representative, 94th Ohio House District
    • ·John Dominguez, Esq., Assistant U. S. Attorney
    • Dr. Larry Augustin, CEO of SugarCRM, former venture capitalist, and the former chairman of VA SoftwareVA Linux Systems, Inc.
    • ·Ray Crawford, Sports Anchor, Chicago
    • Jeffrey T. Hodge, Senior Counsel, Bank of Nova Scotia
    • David S. Hogsette, Ph.D., Published Author, Professor of English, New York Institute of Technology
    • Christopher Teleha, Ph.D., Scientific Director at Janssen R&D, Johnson and Johnson
    • Kip Chappell, Fashion Design Partner, and Co-Founder/Owner Rubin Chappelle
    • USAF Staff Sgt. Gregory Fry, Russian Linguist, U.S. Security Agency
    • Randy Palmer, Award-Winning Staff Artist; Dayton Daily News
    • Dr. Keith Bidwell, Chairman of Medical Imaging, Kettering Medical Center
    • Karen Vitunac-Martin, Circuit Court Judge; Palm Beach County, Florida
    • Annemarie Meike, Ph.D., Business Development Executive, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    • Kelli Robinson, Ph.D., Research Engineer, Center of Ocean Engineering, MIT
    • Michael Bridges, Founder, and President of Peerless Technologies Corporation/Wright State University Board of Trustees Chair
    • David Engstrom, Ph.D., Professor of Law, Stanford University
    • Mary Cole Mertz, Ohio Attorney General’s Office