Please download and review the syllabus above for more information regarding class content, grades, expectations, and policies. 

    How to succeed in Spanish class:

    1. Come to class every day and stay on task.

    *It is very difficult to teach yourself the language.  The contact time in class is irreplaceable.

    *Everything you are asked to do is for a reason—to help you learn!


    2. Take notes and work out all problems in class. 
    *Spanish is very much like a math class.  We do problems every day to master concepts and practice vocabulary.


    3. Do all homework honestly, thoroughly, thoughtfully, and on time. 
    *Homework is essential for meaningful practice and study.  There is a very high correlation between on-time homework completion and success on tests and quizzes.

    4. Study your vocabulary words regularly.

    *Make flashcards or use the online tools on my website.

    *Study your vocabulary words for 10-15 minutes about 3 times a week.

    5. Volunteer regularly and ask questions when you need help.


    6. See me for extra help when you need it.
    7. Listen to Spanish music, watch Spanish TV, look through a Spanish magazine or children's book, or try talking to someone in Spanish.


    8. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.


    9. Be open-minded and have a good attitude.


    10. Try your hardest and have confidence in yourself.

    11. Have fun!