• Walter E. Stebbins High School

    Physical Education

    The following regulations have been established to provide consistency and continuity in the Physical Education Program.  Students are expected to adhere to the guidelines set up in order to meet the requirements of the course and to earn their ¼ credit toward Graduation.  Two semesters of Physical Education are required for Graduation.

    Overall Grading System

    Five participation points may be earned each day.

                    (80%) Attendance, dress, participation, and honest effort.

    (20%) Skills tests, performance tests, written tests, and written assignments.


    Student Expectations

    1.       Be on time to class.  


    Must be dressed and ready for class in your attendance spot 5 minutes after the Tardy bell rings.

    1st thru 4th Tardy – Verbal warning and loss of 2 participation point.

    5th thru 7th Tardy – Administrative Detention and loss of 2 participation.

    8th thru10th Tardy – AIM, and loss of 2 participation points.

    11th and up Tardy – Suspension, and loss of 2 participation points.

    2.       Dress properly for class.

    Uniforms – Must be different clothing than what was worn to school and meet the Student Dress Code

    ·         Shoes – athletic type.  If you do not have the proper shoes, it will be considered a NO DRESS.

    ·         Gym shorts or sweats (No jean shorts or shorts with zippers).

    ·         T – Shirt or sweatshirt with sleeves (NO Tank Tops, must have sleeves).

    ·         Socks.


    Dress Penalties

    First and Second No Dress – Verbal Warning and loss of 5 participation points.

    Third No Dress and up – Parental Contact, Administrative Detention and loss of 5 participation points.

    **If you do not dress, you will walk the bleacher steps for the entire period.  Refusal to do so will be an Administrative Detention**

    Partial No Dress includes not wearing proper shorts, t-shirt, and socks.   This will result in the loss of 2 participation points for that day.  Points will also be taken off for wearing jewelry during class and not having shoes secure.

    3.       Respect other classmates and equipment.

    4.       Participate to maximum ability at all times.

    5.       Put all valuables in a locker, locked with your own lock.  Items in a locker are the students’ responsibility.  If a student does not feel comfortable leaving their items in their locker overnight, they are more than welcome to bring them on a daily basis.

    6.       Absolutely no horseplay.

    7.       No one is permitted to leave the classroom (gym) without teacher permission.

    8.       No one is permitted to leave the gym before the bell, at the end of the period ( be in the locker room or gym).

    9.       Obscene language will not be tolerated.

    10.    To insure your safety and that of others in the class, follow the teacher’s directions.

    11.    No Jewelry (includes watches, bracelets, necklaces, rings, hoop earrings)

    12.    Shoes must be secure on your feet (-2 participation points).

    13.    Bottled beverages, which are a privilege, after class are permitted, as long as empties get thrown away, any accidents are cleaned up and beverage is finished before you leave for your next class.  Beverage privileges can be taken away.  NO BOTTLED BEVERAGES leave the locker rooms!!

    14.    No cell phones in the gym, keep them in your locker.


    Medical Excuses

    Only notes signed by a Doctor will excuse a student from class.  Students will have a writing assignment that must be finished, during class, to earn their points for the day.  Students will need paper and something to write with.


    Make-up Work

    It is the responsibility of the student to make-up any day that is missed and the work for that day.  Written work may be assigned for make-up purposes.