Hello! My name is Danielle Jett and I'm going to be your teacher this year. I would like to share a little about myself with you. I was born in 1975. Can you figure out what my age is?

    I come from a military family, my dad was in the Air Force and we moved many times. I have had the chance to live and visit many places. I was born in California. Then I moved to Maine, Alabama, and then back to California to go to kindergarten and first grade. I moved to Louisiana to go to second grade. I also completed third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grades there. Next I moved to Texas. Thankfully I was able to finish seventh-twelfth grades in the same state! Finally, after high school, I moved to Ohio to go to college. I received my bachelor's degree from Wright State University and my master's degree from University of Dayton.

    I have been able to visit all parts of the world.  I have been to Canada, Germany, Italy, France, 
    Austria, Holland, England, Scotland, and Saudi Arabia.
    I have visited many states here as well. I have visited Washington, South Dakota, Wyoming, Kansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, Tennessee, and Florida.

    I have a wonderful husband I have been married to since 2001. My husband, Jeff, is a manager and realtor for Coldwell Banker.  We have two children.  Luke, who is 15 years old and Chloe who is 12 years old. Luke loves The Cherub series books, bike riding, swimming, playing basketball, and watching football.  Luke likes to read, as well as write and illustrate his own books. Chloe likes to play with American Girl dolls, stuffed animal dogs, Barbies, and read.  She also loves swimming, bike riding, and softball.  We all enjoy taking walks and bike rides with our Golden Retriever, Lexi.

    I have been with Mad River schools since 1999. I began my first year teaching sixth grade. I taught sixth grade for five years. Then I took two years off to be home with my first child, Luke. When I came back I got the exciting job of teaching second grade. I have just completed my thirteenth year teaching second grade. I absolutely LOVE this grade!!!!