• Beverly Gardens is located on twelve acres bordered by the Wright Patterson Air Force Base housing complex.

    Our student population is very unique. The majority of our students are military dependents and walk to school. The building is comprised of approximately 350 students in grades K-4. Students come to Beverly Gardens with a positive attitude and a variety of experiences to share.

    The students are actively engaged in educational programs at Beverly Gardens. We are using Baldrige strategies to enable students to become actively involved in setting learning goals and working to achieve them. We provide the students with many opportunities to become independent thinkers, problem solvers, and leaders.

    The district’s K-4 buildings feature challenging and imaginative programs, including before and after school experiences. Our 1400 elementary students are nurtured to feel pride in their accomplishments and develop positive attitudes about their future years of schooling.

    All four elementary schools feature classrooms with modern furnishings, library, computer labs, clinic, gymnasium, cafeteria, and conference rooms to provide maximum educational settings. Computer labs are equipped with modern equipment. Safety Cameras are located throughout the buildings and sites; the buildings include proximity card readers for all exterior doors and are equipped with a state-of-the-art digital Fire Alarm System. Playgrounds are designed to provide safe and enjoyable outdoor recreation. Students are able to enjoy their learning activities thanks to new heating and cooling systems.

    Academic programs such as language arts, math, science, music, and social studies are aligned to the state content standards. Music and physical education classes help to stimulate and exercise all aspects of a child’s growing mind and body. Each building’s staff, including full-time school therapists, support students as they develop self-discipline and social skills.