• Enrollment

    Registration packets are available in the Curriculum Office at 801 Old Harshman Rd. during the hours of 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

    The following items will be requested at the time the packet is completed and returned:

    • Registration Sheet
    • Payment Agreement
    • Birth Certificate (Hospital Birth Record not acceptable)
    • Immunizations
    • Physical/Dental Forms
    • Custody papers, if applicable
    • Two (2) proofs of residence in the Mad River Local School District.
      • The first MUST be a rental or lease agreement, mortgage statement or deed if you own the property free and clear
      • The second can be a utility bill (water, electric/gas/oil), no more than 30 days old. Other items accepted as second can be homeowner or renter insurance, vehicle registration or insurance, payroll check, child support check, social security/welfare/assistance payment or voter registration
    • If you do not own/rent property in the district, but live with someone in the district, you must complete an Adult Residency Affidavit and provide the documentation as stated on the affidavit.

    Once the application has been processed, the parent/guardian will be notified of student placement by the Preschool Principal.

    Student Selection

    Preschool children with disabilities are identified through the legally required multi-factored evaluation process. By state and federal law, all children ages 3 to 5 identified with a disability must have the opportunity to be served in a public preschool program. Typically developing children may also be screened for unique or special needs.

    The typically developing children are selected using the following criteria:

    • The parent/legal guardian must meet the residency requirements for Mad River Local Schools.
    • Toilet trained
    • Communicate with age appropriate language and follow simple directions

    Initial placement is on a first come, first served basis for qualifying Mad River Local School District students.

    If needed, a waiting list will be maintained throughout the school year. Students will be placed when openings occur. Should your child not be accepted to the program due to space or age, click here to find more than 70 participating Preschool Promise programs in Dayton or Kettering.

    Selection does not guarantee future placement. However, priority for placement will be given to current enrollees.

    Siblings within a family are required to submit individual applications.

    Transportation is the responsibility of the parent.