• bg Beverly Gardens Welcomes Our Military Families!

    With such close proximity to the Wright Patterson Air Force Base, over 80% of Beverly Gardens’ students are from military families.

    Children in military families move more frequently than their civilian peers. In addition to their mobility, these children may be faced with multiple deployments by one or more parents. At Beverly Gardens, we know it is crucial for educators and school families to understand and talk about these dynamics so we can act as partners in supporting children in military families.
    Our long-standing relationship with Wright-Patt has taught us how to make your transition easier. We have partnered with Wright-Patt’s School Liaison Officer to address educational issues involving military children. We also offer other educational resources to meet the needs of our military children and their families.
    As Beverly Gardens continues the admissions process throughout the year, we welcome you to contact us at any time. Please view our page for more information. If you have questions or would like to schedule a tour, please call us at 937-259-6620 or email cristal.fields@madriverschools.org. We look forward to working with you to become part of the Mad River family!