Accounting and Finance

    Students in the Accounting and Finance program will prepare for careers in the high-demand accounting and finance industry in this program. Career opportunities are many, including accountants, bankers, financial advisors, stock brokers, treasurers, mutual fund managers, insurance or real estate agents and many more.

    Students will develop a unique skill set while enrolled within this program, including how to do accounting for proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations. Students will learn to develop financial statements, evaluate and analyze the financial strength of a company, and compare business performance within and across industries. Students will perform and analyze banking services, determine ways in which insurance reduces risk, learn to evaluate and compare investment devices in order to make their money grow, and much more.

    Program Highlights

    The vast majority of students in the Accounting & Finance program enroll in college upon graduation (over 90%), many of whom enroll into a four-year university.
    Students enrolled are eligible for college credit and a $3,000 scholarship to Sinclair Community College upon successful completion of the program.
    Students enrolled in this program participate in Business Professionals of America, a co-curricular student organization that gives them the opportunity to compete in various business contests. Numerous students have advanced to state and national competitions, yielding 16 state champions and two national champions.


    Program Passions
    Analyzing data