Information Technology


    Prepare for careers in the high demand field of information technology. These career

    opportunities span various specialties to include computer troubleshooting, networking,

    web, and technology applications.


    Students develop unique skills within this program including basic PC troubleshooting,

    fundamental networking, data communications concepts, internet and web essentials, help desk

    support, web page layout and design, advanced Microsoft Office, database design and HTML.


    Information Technology offers many different pathways to follow after high school. This flexibility

    allows the student to focus on a specific area of interest and individualize their learning experience.


    Program Highlights


    Stebbins Information Technology is a college preparatory program and offers a rigorous

    program of study by combining high-level academic and technical content.


    The program is designed as a seamless grade 11 through associate degree and/or bachelor’s

    degree program.


    Practical work experience is offered through the program’s capstone class. Students have

    the opportunity to work as building-level technician and utilize the basic troubleshooting

    skills learned within the program.


    Students enrolled are eligible for a $3,000 scholarship to Sinclair Community College

    upon successful completion of the program.


    Program Passions



    Project-based learning

    Teamwork & collaboration


    Helping others