Construction Technologies

    Prepares students for careers in high-demand construction industries, including but not limited to: general contracting, carpentry, electrician, masonry, civil engineering, and management.


    Students develop unique skills within this program that encompass a full spectrum perspective of skilled trades within construction from design and planning to concrete and masonry work to framing and finishing.


    Program Highlights


    While enrolled in this program, students are dually enrolled in Sinclair Community College earning up to 18 hours of college credit (at no cost to students or parents) during the course of the two year program. Whether students are pursuing a two or four year degree, our dual enrollment creates a solid pathway for students to spend less time and money in pursuit of their postsecondary options.


    Opportunities exist for students to gain work experience in the field while being enrolled in this program. We have internships established with local businesses within a range of construction fields in which students are partnered. Beyond individual company connections, the construction technologies program has solid partnerships with industry agents, both union and non-union.


    Students enrolled are eligible for a $3,000 scholarship to Sinclair Community College upon successful completion of the program.
    Program Passions
    Collaboration through building and creating

    Working outdoors


    Helping communities