Visual Design and Imaging


    Prepare for careers in the visual design field, including as a graphic designer, art director,

    creative director, photographer, illustrator, web designer, video producer and much more.


    Students will develop unique skills within this program, including the use of Adobe

    Creative Suite, basic photography, communications, and use and manipulation of visual

    elements, color and typography.


    Program Highlights


    Students can begin the pathway to postsecondary training while in this program,

    including for two-or-four year college degrees.


    Business and industry experiences within this program include collaborations with local

    companies like Titan Graphic, Westendorf Printing and Monell Communications.


    Internships are made available to students on an individual basis.


    Students enrolled are eligible for a $3,000 scholarship to Sinclair Community College

    upon successful completion of the program.


    Program Passions







    Project-based learning

    Graphic design