• Family and Consumer Science

    The 21st century brings with it new and diverse demands on all aspects of family life. Families are facing rapidly changing living patterns, are grappling with greater demands of the workplace on home life, and are witnessing an accelerated change in family member roles and functions. If we are to prepare our children for happy and prosperous futures, we must critically examine their preparation to become healthy and productive citizens, parents, consumers, home managers, and wage earners.
    The Family and Consumer Science department strives to address the essential living competencies all individuals need to function in our rapidly changing society. The attitudes, skills, and knowledge learned in the FCS content areas provide a basis for success in balancing home and work responsibilities as well as for transitioning to career pathways.
    Family and Consumer Science prepares individuals to be competent, confident, and responsible in managing personal, family, and career lives.
    Provides individuals with knowledge and skills in:
    • Personal resource management
    • Family and human development
    • Early childhood education
    • Nutrition and food preparation
    • Clothing and design
    • Housing and environment
    • Consumerism and financial management
    • Career awareness and planning
    • Parenting and care giving