• Graduation, Reality & Dual-Role Skills

    Graduation, Reality, and Dual-Role Skills (GRADS) is an in-school Family and Consumer Sciences instructional and intervention program for pregnant and parenting teens, male and female. Objectives focus on graduation and retention, positive health care practices, knowledge of positive parenting practices, setting vocational and career goals, balancing work and family and delaying subsequent pregnancies. The instructional component is based upon competencies identified in the GRADS Ohio Competency Analysis Profile and the Adolescent Parent Resource Guide, which helps students apply practical reasoning skills in all content areas. The community outreach component strengthens family involvement as well as the involvement of community agencies and organizations. The advisory committee component builds strong school and community support for the program. The evaluation component determines program effectiveness.


    Evidence of Effectiveness Pregnant and parenting teens enrolled in the program are more likely to remain in school during pregnancy and after childbirth; are more likely to obtain early prenatal care; are less likely to deliver low birth weight babies; are likely to increase their knowledge of positive parenting practices; and are less likely to have a subsequent pregnancy while still in school.


    Positive Self


    Self Formation



    Practical Problem Solving

    Options & Decisions





    Maternal and Fetal Development

    Costs of Parenthood

    Labor and Delivery

    Postnatal Care



    Adjustments to Parenting

    Child Development

    Child Care

    Child Abuse & Neglect


    Economic Independence


    Career Exploration

    Goal Setting

    Child Care Options

    Job Search & Application

    Balancing Dual-Role of Parent & Worker


    Economic Resources


    Program Goals -- Students will:


    Remain in school through graduation

    Appreciate the importance of prenatal care

    Learn practical parenting and child development skills

    Gain orientation to work

    Set goals toward balancing work and family