Please sign and return your child’s homework sheet, making sure that either you or your child are writing down the book read each night.

    COSI on Wheels was so much fun!!  Hopefully your child is enjoying the slime they brought home.  Please see Class Dojo for pictures.  Our Arts and Crafts PBIS Reward was a success too!  You will see the awesome paintings the students made on Monday.  I’m sure you already saw the neat sand art brought home on Friday.

    Math chapter 7 pre and post tests will come home this week.  Please sign the attached note and return the tests.  The tests are put in student data binders.

    Our student teacher, Miss Kintner, will be with a new school this week.  She will no longer be with our class.  We will miss her, and are very grateful for all the love and hard work she put into our classroom each day.

    Please wear the new purple BE KIND shirts this Tuesday.  It’s a great way to start our week off with kindness!

    Just a reminder to bring library books to school on Tuesdays, students cannot get new ones for the week if they don’t return them on library day.

    Our new Geodes story this week is Brown v. Board of Education.

    Thank you for reading the Geodes with your child each week.  We will bring them to school each day in the bags so we can read with a buddy, the teacher, and to ourselves.  I would recommend reading the current story with your child at least a couple times, especially on Monday and Tuesday.  If they are doing well, they can read independently, but if they still need to work on decoding (sounding out words) and fluency, I would continue to read with them each day. 

    You can Choral Read, or read it together, you can have your child Echo Read, or repeat how you read, a sentence at a time to model fluency (good rate, tone and expression—reading like you talk).  You can take turns reading a paragraph or a page.  To make it more fun, you can read in funny voices like Mama, Papa, or Baby Bear, like a queen or king, or like an alien, to name a few! 

    To help with comprehension skills, be sure to ask them questions while reading, I put some examples on the note inside the bag with the book.  They can even ask you questions as well!

    **If this week’s story does not take 20 minutes to read, I would still recommend reading other books or library books, so they are reading at least 20 minutes each night.

    Our academics for the week:

    In reading and writing-we will continue in Module 3-Civil Rights Heroes.  Module 3 compels students to closely examine the impact of three key Civil Rights heroes: Martin Luther King Jr., Ruby Bridges, and Sylvia Mendez. How did these figures respond to the injustices they faced? What can we learn from their actions? A series of narrative nonfiction texts and historical photographs serve as students’ insight to the past. By examining the impact of these three individuals on the country, students build deep knowledge of what it means to live out the nation’s creed of “liberty and justice for all.”

    *This week we will begin working with the story, Separate is Never Equal to give us knowledge to answer the focusing question, “How did the Mendez family respond to injustice?”  

    While reading these different books throughout the module we will answer the overall essential question, “How can people respond to injustice?”

    In Fundations (our phonics work)-we are beginning Unit 12 this week.  Our New Concept is: OI and OY sounds.  Some examples include: COIN and BOY.  Our Words of the Day are: SPOIL and DESTROY.  Our trick words are: FAVORITE, EARLY and OCEAN.  We will practice these new concepts and words with our story, “Surprise!”

    In math- We will begin Chapter 8 this week.  In this chapter we will be measuring objects with nonstandard units of measure as well as measuring in inches and feet.  We will estimate objects before measuring and work with problem solving stories that require addition and subtraction in inches.  We will also make repeated measurements and create a line plot to show the measurement data.  Finally we will look at what measuring tool would be best for measuring certain objects.

    Some questions we will be answering this chapter are: 

    Lesson 8.1-Why is using a ruler similar to using a row of color tiles to measure length?

    Lesson 8.2-How do you estimate the lengths of objects in inches?

    Lesson 8.3-How do you estimate the lengths of objects in inches?

    Lesson 8.4- How do you use an inch ruler to measure lengths?

    Lesson 8.5- How can drawing a diagram help when solving problems about length?

    Lesson 8.6- Why is measuring in feet different from measuring in inches?

    Lesson 8.7- How do you estimate the lengths of objects in feet?

    Lesson 8.8- How do you choose a measuring tool to use when measuring lengths?

    Lesson 8.9- How can a line plot be used to show measurement data? 

    In science-We will in our LIFE SCIENCE unit about living things and nonliving things, habitats, and fossils.  We will also continue to work on PATHS lessons, continuing with the emotions shy or lonely.

    We also share our science and social studies time with PATHS lessons, which help us to recognize and handle the emotions we are having throughout the day.  The PATHS lessons also help us to find ways to work with others, use manners, compliment others, and be kind to each other.

    The Class Dojo app is my favorite way to communicate with you!  I use it to show you pictures of your children working and having fun in our classroom. 

     **VERY IMPORTANT!!  We will be using the behavior section of the app as a whole class, rather than individually.  All behavior posts/feedback will be as a class.  We will be receiving and losing points as a class instead of individually.  It may show up on your child's story/report looking individually, but it is a feedback showing how the CLASS behaved as a majority.  This is critical for you to know.  We are supporting the schoolwide PAX behavior system, which helps kids observe their own behavior, work on their self-regulation (or self-control), and work together as a team to achieve and succeed.  Therefore, I am noting all behavior as class oriented, not individually oriented.

    Birthday Celebration Treats--just a reminder to parents who are sending in treats for birthdays.  Please let me know a day or two ahead of time that you plan to bring in treats.  ALL treats need to be store bought so we can read ingredients.  At this time, we do not have any food allergies, but that can change throughout the year because of new students joining our class family.


    Mad River Schools has a mobile app you can download.  You can get it at the app store to download for free. Here is the information I was given:

    Mad River parents and community members can now put the latest school news and   resources in the palm of their hand thanks to the District’s new mobile app.

    This app is available for smartphones and tablets on all operating system.  Users will be able to track upcoming events and keep up-to-date with relevant school news and even view your child’s grades from progress book-- right from your Smartphone or mobile device. With just a touch of your finger, you can see:         


    Lunch Menu

    Headline news and information


    Calendar of events

    School director

    Staff directory & contact information

    MyView allows you to subscribe to your specific school or classroom so the information you care about most is always front and center. 

    The Mad River Local Mobile App is free and available for both Apple and Android devices. Just search for “Mad River Local” in the App Store or Google Play, or scan the QR code to be automatically directed to the app download location.

    Ongoing announcements:
    *Here is a link to our 90 seconds sheets for homework in case your child loses or forgets theirs.
    At Open House I had sign up sheets for the events of this year. All party donations and conference times were also posted. If you would like to sign up for conferences, volunteer opportunities, or donate to the room, please email me and I will let you know what we have available. My email is danielle.jett@madriverschools.org
    Please remember to wear your spiritwear (any BG shirt, red, or grey shirts) on Fridays. The children LOVE to be able to win for our hallway each week! They sure look forward to Fridays to see if we will win.
    Please don't hesitate to email or call me with any questions or concerns. My contact information:


    ~phone: 937-259-6620 ext 4002