• Human Resources
    The Human Resources Department supports certified, classified, and administrative staff. The department also has responsibility for maintaining applications, issuing contracts, administering board policies, securing substitute personnel, and the certification and licensing of staff.

    The Mad River Local School District welcomes your employment inquiries. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, disability, gender, military status, sexual orientation, ancestry, age, or genetic information. Prospective employees are encouraged to visit the employment link frequently as positions are posted regularly.

    Working for Mad River Local Schools is a positive and rewarding career. We are looking for dedicated,
    determined, diverse, and caring individuals who want to make a great school system better.

    Mad River Local Schools is a district dedicated to the success of the students and employees. The Ohio Report Card status of “Effective” and our extensive staff development programs make our district attractive.

    Mad River Local Schools is the place you want to work.
    When considering Mad River Local Schools, consider the following:

    • Ohio Resident Educator Transition Program
    • Placement on the salary schedule one step above the entry-level
    • A graduate school tuition reimbursement program
    • Opportunities to participate in an extensive staff development program


    Necia Nicholas
    Director of Human Resources