• Welcome to the School Counselor’s web page at Spinning Hills Middle School.

    Welcome to Spinning Hills Middle School!  Through classroom guidance classes, and as needed individual and small group meetings, students will participate in activities:

    • To help children understand themselves and others
    • To help children understand the school environment
    • To help children understand attitudes and behaviors
    • To help children gain interpersonal and communication skills
    • To help children learn problem solving and decision making skills
    • To develop community pride and involvement
    • To develop school success skills
    Throughout the year, I work with students in the classroom setting, small groups, and with individual counseling.  My goal is that every student becomes successful, both in and out of school.  Please feel free to contact me for any need you may have:
    Welcome Mrs. Matthews
    School Counselor
    Spinning Middle School
    937-259-6635 ext. 5010