Dr. Sherman Alter, Class of 1969

    Children’s Medical Center


    Douglas Barnhart, Class of 1985

    General Dynamics, Former Air Force Captain


    Don Brown, Class of 1978

    Sports Anchor and Reporter


    JoLynn Barry-Butler, Class of 1969

    Commissioner, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio/Former State Representative, 94th Ohio House District


    James DeBrosse, Class of 1970

    Published Author, Features Writer; Dayton Daily News


    John Dominguez, Esq., Class of 1970

    Assistant U. S. Attorney


    Gary Haines (dec.), Class of 1968

    Montgomery County Sheriff 1988-2000


    Col. Jonathan House, Class of 1962

    U.S. Army Commander, Defense Electronics Supply Center (Retired)


    Mr. Duane Lapp, Class of 1970

    President, Lapp Roofing & Sheet Metal Co., Inc. (Retired)


    Daniel S. McClure, DDS, Class of 1970



    Dr. Leigh Gilbert-Segal, M.D., Class of 1983




    Dr. Larry Augustin, Class of 1980

    CEO of SugarCRM, former venture capitalist and the former chairman of VA SoftwareVA Linux Systems, Inc.


    Ray Crawford, Class of 1989

    Sports Anchor, Fox Sports Net Ohio


    Jeffrey T. Hodge, Class of 1972

    Senior Counsel, Bank of Nova Scotia


    David S. Hogsette, PhD, Class of 1986

    Published Author, Professor of English, New York Institute of Technology


    Ronald D. Jones, Class of 1982

    CEO & President at The Copious Group, LLC



    William Ames, Class of 1969

    Retired Chief of Police; City of Riverside, Ohio


    Mark Back, Class of 1980

    Lawyer-Office of the Corporation Counsel; City of Washington D.C.


    Claudia Ramsay-Dalton, Class of 1974

    Trial Lawyer and Partner in Practice – Legal Consultant


    Teresa Meese-Harrison, Class of 1969

    Director of Government Relations, State Teachers Retirement System; Columbus, Ohio


    Danny Palmer, Class of 1973

    Chief of Graphics, Defense Institute of Security Mgmt. Assistance


    Dr. John Sefton, Class of 1977

    Board Certified Family Physician


    Christopher Teleha, PhD, Class of 1979

    Scientific Director at Janssen R&D, Johnson and Johnson



    Richard Carey, Jr., Class of 1972

    Vice President of People and Organizational Development, Data Return


    Kip Chappell, Class of 1988

    Fashion Design Partner and Co-Founder/Owner Rubin Chappelle


    Steve Dixon, PhD, Class of 1982

    Project Leader, Ligand-Based Design Schrodinger, Inc.


    Wilbur Wisecup, Jr., Class of 1975

    General Manager/Founder, Eagle Mold Company, Inc.




    DuWain Ake, Class of 1981

    Engineer and Inventor, YSI Inc.


    USAF Staff Sgt. Gregory Fry, Class of 1989

    Russian Linguist, U.S. Security Agency


    Randy Palmer, Class of 1976

    Award-Winning Staff Artist; Dayton Daily News



    Dr. Keith Bidwell, Class of 1975

    Chairman of Medical Imaging, Kettering Medical Center


    Maureen Burnley, Class of 1974

    GTS Vice President for Finance & Operations; New York


    James Ellis, Class of 1974

    Bogin Patterson Ellis Slaton & Stump, LLP


    Karen Vitunac-Martin, Class of 1962

    Circuit Court Judge; Palm Beach County Florida


    Tom Studevant, Class of 1976

    VP Sales at gokeyless.com



    Mark Morgan, Class of 1970

    MainSail Productions, Inc.


    Annemarie Meike, PhD, Class of 1974

    Business Development Executive, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


    Karen Terry, PhD, Class of 1977

    Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice


    Chris Casterline, Class of 1979

    CSD Express


    Major Scottland Roddy, Class of 1981

    Deputy Director of Test Operations, Joint Data Link Information Combat Execution; Nellis Air Force Base




    Ron Atkins, Class of 1970

    Mad River Supervisor of Maintenance, Ret.


    Daniel Sherman, Class of 1976

    Navy Lieutenant Commander, Ret.


    Gabe Brandt, PhD, Class of 1988

    Post Doctoral Fellow, Brandeis University


    Kelli Robinson, PhD, Class of 1990;

    Research Engineer, Center of Ocean Engineering, MIT



    Judith A. When, Class of 1969

    Chief of Education at the National Museum of the United State Air Force


    Susan Opt, PhD, Class of 1975

    Chairperson/Associate Professor of Communication, Salem College Winston-Salem, North Carolina


    Michael Bridges, Class of 1977

    Founder and President of Peerless Technologies Corporation



    Loretta Taulbee-Kraus, Class of 1959

    Federal Trade Commission, Senior Trade Investigator


    Terri Wilkerson Riddiford, M.D., Class of 1981

    Northeast Family Practice


    Christine McCoy Haaker, Class of 1987

    Thompson Hine LLP


    David Engstrom, PhD, Class of 1989

    Professor of Law, Stanford University



    Dee Ross Hastler, Class of 1965

    Retired Stebbins High School Athletic Director


    Bobbie Heath Strobhar, Class of 1971

    Principal Harpist


    Raymond Monell, Class of 1976

    Monell Communications


    Robert Pratt, Class of 1991

    Operations Research Specialist, SAS



    Maryann Motza, PhD – Class of 1969

    State Social Security Administrator of Colorado


    Rick Potter Mann, PhD – Class of 1975

    President of Crown College


    Linda McClure Rumpke – Class of 1976

    Commissioner of Finance & Administration; Lexington, Kentucky


    Kim Lynch Vesey – Class of 1978

    General Manager – VITAS



    Greg Wylie — Class of 1967

    Retired IBM Executive


    Holly Powell Kennedy, PhD — Class of 1969

    Internationally known midwifery researcher and professor


    Richard Wells — Class of 1975

    Retired GM/Delphi Engineer, Associate professor– Harding University



    Kyle Zaidain (dec.), Class of 1968

    Zaidain Design Group


    Laura Herbert, Ph.D, Class of 1975

    Principal, Lloyd C. Bird High School


    Major David Hale, Class of 1981

    Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office


    Matthew Teleha, Class of 1982

    Kettering Health Network


    Mary Cole Mertz, Class of 1983

    Ohio Attorney General’s Office


    Jessie Prewitt, Class of 1991

    U.S. Secret Service


    Dr. Michele Torres, Class of 1992




    Linda O’Keefe (dec.), Class of 1965

    Sinclair Community College


    Mike “Miles” Scully, Class of 1980

    Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani LLP


    Dr. Donna Glowacki, Class of 1987

    Professor of Archeology, University of Notre Dame



    Dr. Mark Bidwell, Class of 1973

    Founder and Medical Director of Kettering Reproductive Health


    Brian Jarvis, Class of 1973

    Mayor, City of Beavercreek, OH


    Scott Buchanan, Class of 1986

    Chief Financial Officer, Ohio Masonic Home


    Charles Michael Davis, Class of 2000

    Actor, The CW's The Originals