• Welcome to Room 109

    Sixth grade continues to be one of the most challenging and turning years of a child's life.  As having two sons that has completed the sixth grade, I can tell you that this year is going to be full of surprises and challenges.  In this classroom it is going to be the ones that exercise perseverance, the ones that continually push themselves, the ones that bounce back after having a shortcoming, and the ones that are proactive about their education that end up being the most successful.

    In this classroom we do not define success by what grade is earned at the end of the day but by what was learned at the end of the day.  In this classroom we define success by the level of effort that is put into your school work and the attitude that you bring to class each and every day. This can be a very challenging year but a very rewarding year that will make the transition to middle school very smooth.  My hopes are that every student will take advantage of every opportunity available to them.  Good luck this year and GO INDIANS!!