• Stebbins AIR Testing

    Spring 2017 Schedule

    Testing starts at 7:40; normal classes will be on a 2-Hour Delay for Each Day of Testing

    Tuesday March 28th:

    English 1 - Part A

    English 2 - Part A

    Wednesday March 29th:

    English 1 - Part B

    English 2 - Part B

    Tuesday April 25th:

    U.S. History - Part A

    Government - Part A

    Wednesday April 26th:

    U.S. History - Part B

    Government - Part B

    Thursday April 27th:

    Algebra 1 - Part A

    Geometry - Part A

    Friday April 28th:

    Algebra 1 - Part B

    Geometry - Part B

    Tuesday May 2nd:

    Biology - Part A

    Wednesday May 3rd:

    Biology - Part B


    ***Each EOC AIR test has 2 parts that must be completed to earn a score

    ***Students testing must report to Stebbins promptly by 7:40

    ***Students will report directly to assigned testing locations

    ***Busses will run at normal times throughout the testing schedule

    ***Students not testing may report at 9:40 (No School Transportation Provided)

    ***Testing Make-ups will run on the days following testing and will be conducted through classroom pull-outs.