During the summer of 2012, the Third Grade Reading Guarantee was passed by the state legislature that affects students in Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third Grades.  The new legislation requires that unless a student attains the appropriate level of reading competency by the end of third grade, he or she will be retained. 

    The law, which can be found here: http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/3313.608 requires every Ohio public school to identify students who are “not on track” in reading. If a student is identified as not reading at grade level (not on track), his or her parents will be notified.  A reading improvement and monitoring plan, which will include a home intervention portion, will be jointly developed by the school and parents to meet the needs of each identified student.  We will implement each student’s plan and monitor his or her progress in reading.  Together, we may adjust the plan as needed to help each student to read at grade level by the time he or she takes the state reading assessment in the third grade. 

    Some students will meet the exemption requirements of the Third Grade Guarantee due to their Individualized Education Plan and they will NOT be retained.

    We will communicate with parents in grades K-3 if their child is identified as not on track.  At that time we will further outline the provisions and ramifications of this new legislation.  As changes are made, we will do our best to communicate with all parties impacted by this new legislation.

    It is our goal that EVERY child to read at grade level!  

    The Third Grade Reading Guarantee Guidance Document