• Stebbins High School Work Permit Application Process


    The most up-to-date laws and forms can be accessed by minors, parents, and employers at www.com.ohio.gov under the “Find Forms and Publications” box – select Industrial Compliance, Wage Hour – Minor Labor


    Prior to turning the work permit application in to Office B at Stebbins High School, minor’s parent/legal guardian must complete the top portion of the application. 

    The employer then must complete the bottom portion.  Make sure the entire employer portion is filled out, including the days/hours boxes and Tax ID number. 

    *If the student has a current physical (not more than one year old) on file at school, that physical may be used for the work permit.  The student should stop by the athletics office from 11:45am-3:00pm to obtain a copy of their athletic physical prior to turning the application in to Office B. 

    If no physical form is on file at school, the physician's approval form must be filled out by a physician and included with the application when it is turned in to Office B at Stebbins. 


    The processing time for work permits is 48 business hours.


    Work Permit Application

    Physician's Approval Form


    *Please note that the athletic physicals are not accessible during the summer.  The physician's form must be filled out and turned in with the work permit application if you are trying to obtain a work permit while school is out for summer break.