PTO meetings are always the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm unless otherwise noted. Meetings are held in the library.

    How You Can Help!

    There are numerous ways parents can help:

    • Make copies when necessary
    • Pass out fliers when needed
    • Volunteer for the concession stand
    • Turn in/Enter Coke rewards points
    • Help get donations from various companies
    • Donate copy paper....
    • The list goes on and on and no matter how small the task it will not go unnoticed.

    PTO Goals:
    There are a lot of things the PTO would like to help the school improve. And with your help we can make them happen!! Some of our goals are:

    • Recognize & Reward students for great improvements
    • Get the parents more involved

    Bigger goals:

    • We would like to improve the concession stand facilities
    • We would also love to have a field for softball to play instead of traveling to a local park

    All these goals are very much attainable and more if we work together!!

    Thanks for all your help and we hope to see you throughout the year!!!!