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No Special Transportation Requests for the first 30 days of school for the


Due to the restrictions we are required to follow because of COVID-19, we will not be able to approve any special transportation requests for the first 30 days of school. This timeline may change based on the guidelines the state will provide school districts throughout the 2020-21 school year which will determine if, and when we will be able to approve any requests. We will only route students this year at the address you currently reside within the district and this will be the only bus stop issued to students.

In addition, transportation requests that will not be approved include the following:

• Day Care providers
• Baby Sitters before and after school
• Students that live in the walk zone and want to ride a bus
• Intra District transportation requests
• Open Enrollment Transportation requests
• Any other transportation requests that are not listed

Please understand our goal is to provide transportation for all students but until restrictions are lifted, we have no other choice than to reduce our ridership to a minimum. We understand that many of our families rely on district transportation to get their students to and from school and this may cause a burden on families. As soon as we are capable, we will do our best to accommodate as many special transportation requests as possible.

What you can do to prepare for special transportation needs during the 2020-21 school year:

1. Begin looking at alternative transportation for your students such as car-pooling in your neighborhoods.
2. For 7-12 grade students possibly look at RTA stops to transport your students to school.
3. Begin contacting family and friends about helping out with transportation to and from school.
4. Talk with neighbors and family about baby-sitting your students when they get off the bus if you are unable to be there before or after school.