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Student Advisory Council Podcast

We are excited to share our Student Advisory Podcasts! Students from the Superintendent's Student Advisory Council will host a monthly podcast designed to discuss topics relevant to Stebbins and a podcasting site.

Episodes will come out monthly. The group will be guided by Superintendent Wyen and Jenny Alexander from the district’s public relations department. 

In this compelling podcast series, students from Stebbins High School take the microphone to share their personal stories of challenges and victories, both in and outside the classroom. In each episode, students offer candid advice and delve into the issues they face, from academic pressure and social dynamics to personal growth and future aspirations. Alongside these discussions, listeners will be treated to inspiring stories of the exciting events and initiatives happening at Stebbins High School and across the district. From innovative educational programs to extracurricular achievements, this podcast is a celebration of the vibrant school community, providing a platform for students to voice their experiences, highlight their successes, and support each other through shared challenges. 

Stebbins Podcasts