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Is your correct contact information on file with the district?

Parents: If your child’s school or the district were to make an important call to you, would they have the correct number on file? If your child’s teacher or school were to email you about an important announcement or event, would it go to the correct email address?

Believe it or not, many of the phone numbers or email addresses your child’s school has on file are not up-to-date. It is more important than ever for parents and guardians to make sure that their correct contact information is on file with the district. Please take a few minutes to ensure that we can easily contact you.

Verify your contact information with OneView

Each school year, parents and guardians are required to submit Back to School Forms by logging into their parent account. These Back to School forms are used to verify important parent/guardian emergency contact information, email addresses, custody changes, or important student health information. This is done by logging into the OneView Portal. Parents and guardians must confirm that their correct contact information, such as cell phone, address, and email addresses, are on file with the district.

If you submitted Back to School forms last year or you enrolled a new student into our district for the current school year, you will access the Oneview parent portal and log in with your parent account username and password to access your student's Back to School Forms.

• Follow this link to create a NEW parent account for a new student registration or to sign into your current/active parent account -

• Back to School Forms Directions

School Notifications with Blackboard

The Mad River School District uses Blackboard to provide timely communications to parents/guardians and employees via phone calls, emails, and text messages. This is especially important during urgent situations, such as school closings or crisis situations.

For the system to be successful, parents/guardians MUST ensure the following:

• The contact information they have on file with the district is correct (see above about OneView).

Stay Out of the Trash

• Each email provider (Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo, etc.) has a different set of instructions for ensuring email goes to the correct folders. If you find our email in your junk or spam folders, please reference your email provider's instructions to add our primary email address,, to your 'safe' list.

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s school and they will walk you through the necessary steps to make sure your child’s contact information is up-to-date!